DIY // Geometric coasters // diy_coasters_01
I attempted to make coiled coasters using paper the other day and failed miserably! (See the image below) I loved the colour combination and the amazing shapes created…BUT they are only half size of normal coasters and took me good 3 hours to make them. I just couldn’t continue this tedious journey knowing that no one would want to try making them.

So I decided to go with a lot easier option: Buying coasters and painting them! It takes less than 20 minutes to make them, very fun and easy process. These coasters are great for parties and make the perfect gift too! 🙂 // diy_coasters_00 // diy_coasters_02 // diy_coasters_03

What you need

– Cork coasters (I got 6 of them for $2.50 at a local two dollar shop)
– Masking tape
– Scissors
– Acrylic paint
– Paint brush

How to make it

1. Create patterns with masking tape.
2. Using a brush, apply a thin layer of acrylic paint. Make sure it’s evenly coated and add a few more layers if needed.
3. Let it dry
4. Remove the tape
6. Enjoy! // diy_coasters_04

  • Julie  //

    I’m so glad that I’ve come across your blog, I love it!!
    I’m defo going to try this and I love your recent geometric posts (i LOVE anything geometric) haha. Lovely blog design too!

    • Jinny  //

      Thanks for the sweet comments Julie! I have a few more geometric post lined up haha, totally obsessed!;)

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